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Audio, video and image files are generated continuously by commercial surveillance systems, traffic cameras, mobile phones, smart home technology, customer service calls, voicemail recordings, and even at the ATM. Advancements in technology have resulted in the availability of more audio and video evidence than ever before; unfortunately, the quality and integrity of these recordings is often compromised. With the help of advanced hardware and software tools, our experts assist clients in accurately interpreting, processing, and delivering powerful demonstrative evidence.

Our Specialities

Audio & Video Enhancement / Clarification

Audio and video enhancement is the process of improving the visual or audible quality of a recording, in an effort to more clearly understand and present the recorded events.

We process data from sources such as 911 calls, body wire recordings, digital and analog voice recorders, voicemails, surveillance cameras, dashboard cameras, cell phone videos, photographs, body cameras, etc.

Commonly Performed Services:

Authentication & Tampering Analysis

Using specialized software and data analysis techniques, experts can determine whether data has been added, deleted, or altered from audio, video, and image files. Recordings can be authenticated by isolating and identifying suspicious breaks in both the audio and video streams or data patterns.

Comparison Analysis

Comparison analysis can be performed for articles of clothing, cars, faces, or even people’s voices. The principles for this analysis all involve a known item being examined for unique characteristics and features, and then comparing them to an unknown item in an attempt to exclude or identify them as being one and the same.
Forensic Comparison Analysis

Other Services

Review of reports and other documents or help understanding forensic media best practices, methodologies, and technology.

DVR Data Collection and Examination
Recover and extract audio and video data from Digital video recorders and hard drives.

Deposition and Trial Testimony
Our experts are court qualified and perform every investigation as if it were to eventually end up in a courtroom. Presentations may involve the description of forensic audio and video processes and methodologies and interpretation and presentation of recorded evidence.

Trial Evidence Prep
We can compile videos from different sources together, add colored labels that follow individuals through a scene, highlight or blur specific faces or objects, or create custom presentations with your evidence.

Transcription is the process of determining the words spoken on a recording of marginal quality. Transcription often includes preliminary audio enhancement for the purpose of improving speech intelligibility.

For additional services not listed, please contact us for more information.

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